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The African Sign Language Interpreters and Translators Agency (AITA) is a professional agency that was first chartered as a non-Government organization under the Republic of Ugandan laws, and incorporated as the African Sign language Interpreters and Translators Agency Limited (AITA) in 2007. The membership approved and was registered (under section 16(10 of the Company Act) by the registrar of Companies on 11th July 2007 No. 91159.
Since its inception; AITA’s mission has been to promote quality and professional interpretation and translation services in the field of sign language interpreting and translating. Our members play a critical role in assuring due process, equal protection and equal access for non-English or limited English proficient (LEP) individuals who interact with the judicial, political, research, meetings, educational, cultural, religious system and are deaf persons.

To promote interpreting and translation professional standards of performance and integrity.
We are committed to creating opportunities for interpreters and translators for practice.
To achieve wider recognition for Sign language interpreting and translating profession.
To advocate policies for the training and certification of interpreters through competent and reliable methodologies and support deaf community to exercise their right to have access to goods and services in their first language.
To advance employment of Sign language interpreters and translators.
To encourage the exchange of ideas among sign language interpreters and translators, educators, members of the judiciary, legal service providers, court administrators and other justice partners.
To make the public, civil society sectors and other legal or justice communities aware of the unique role and function of sign language interpreters and translators.
To cause positive impact on the quality of lives of deaf persons.
To disseminate educational material on matters relating to sign language interpreting and translating.
To advocates for adequate working conditions and compensation for interpreters.
To take positions on matters affecting the advancement and interest of the profession as whole.
maintain an active website for members, Newsletter and promote the general welfare of the profession.

Languages we Translate

  • Bantu
  • Iteso
  • Luo
  • English-UK
  • English-US
  • Japadhola
  • Samia
  • Kiswahili / Swahili
  • Runyakole
  • Rukinga
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